Hey guys,

So today’s post will be one of 2 in a series all about basic essentials a girl must have in her closet.

Obviously you don’t need to own all of the clothing items I share with you today, however I think these are the basics for everyday wear or the basis of creating any type of look.

Recently I had a closet purge getting rid of most of my clothes that I didn’t want in two massive charity bags. The main aim was really to create my own style especially since I started college this year, I feel like it’s time for me to really express myself moving away from the whole high school vibe to a more mature look. These basics are normally the foundation of my outfit as I style around them to either create a casual chic, classy formal or a statement look depending on what the occasion is and how I’m feeling.


I absolutely love leather jackets because of how versatile it is. You can easily dress it up or down like a street wear outfit and pair it with high-waisted jeans or dress it more minimal with a dress or even trousers. A leather jacket is just something you got to have and mine is from Forever 21, which is great because it’s the perfect fit, not too cropped and not too big which I feel is important because in my opinion I feel you can’t really go oversized since the jacket won’t sit well like other type of jackets may.


You just have to have a denim jacket and I got mine from Dorothy Perkins. I would suggest you choose either the traditional blue denim jacket or a black instead of owning both colours since you just want one that can be your go to and save money which I struggle with since I have a habit of buying the same clothes but in different colours, so just go with the colour you prefer and will wear more often.


What you must have especially if you live in the UK where it just rains and is super cold is a trench coat or some sort of thick coat. So the trench coat I own is from New look, which I have to admit New look sell some really good quality trench coats and in many different colours. Again I’d stick to basic colours like grey, camel, beige or black. I’d say to have one black coat, one beige and one grey (maybe not all trench) just so I’m not always wearing black because black can overrule a look if you’re wearing a combination of neutral colours or certain collection of colours. For me coats are my Holy Grail clothing item as I feel like it completes a look because you can do so much with it.


Okay I have to admit Bomber jackets are literally the best thing ever and I own 4, which is crazy but I just love them so much. My bomber jackets are from Primark and H&M. Bombers just work well with everything whether you’re wearing jeans or joggers. I highly suggest you buy one maybe two bomber jacket, definitely black because it will go with any outfit and then a colour of your choice. You can definitely go oversize with a bomber jacket so don’t hesitate to go up a size or if not then try a longline one instead.



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