Carrying on from last Friday, today’s post will be the last part of the closet essential series.

Again you don’t need to own all the clothing items I share with you today, they are just basic items that can be a starting point for an outfit.

(On a side note I have decided to try to post every Monday and Friday weekly and the next post will hopefully be a review on my SheIn order I placed recently, which I cannot wait to share with you).


Sweaters for me are essential (including hoodies & turtle necks) because if you know me I’m currently in college (Y12) so my go to outfit for college when I just can’t be bothered is to throw on some jeans or leggings with a nice cosy sweater. I have so many sweaters for my own good but given that majority of the time here in the UK its freezing cold, I guess plenty isn’t so bad. I got to say though my favourite sweaters are from Primark because for 5 pounds you can get some really nice basic sweaters but I also have sweaters from Topshop, H&M, New Look and many more. I like to go a size up or 2 when purchasing sweaters because I prefer to snuggle into one instead of it being fitted, so I’d suggest you buy oversized sweaters if you like that look but it does depend on the sweater too because some time they don’t sit well.


Shirts are really important especially white tops; honestly you can wear a white top with anything. I have an H&M one which I always wear but it is big on me where as I prefer it to be slightly loose, so I may get a new one. To be honest I would buy a black and white tee and top because it’s just again so basic and easy to style whether you’re pairing it with some boyfriend jeans or joggers. It is seriously the starting point of a look when you don’t know what to wear.


I guess we are down to pants now. Denim jeans are a must especially for me, high waisted jeans, whether they’re skinny high waisted jeans, boyfriend jeans or mom jeans they go with everything and I feel like I have said that multiple time however this is an essential post and frankly you can create so many looks with the items I’ve mentioned in both posts. For me it’s good to stick to the basic denim colours like black, white and blue instead of having a range of colourful jeans, which I did have before with the likes of khaki, red, burgundy but instead I decided to keep my colours for my trousers but that’s just my preference. Majority of my jeans are from ASOS & Boohoo.


Trousers are a necessity and they’re not just for formal wear, you can wear joggers, cigarette/peg trouser with boots, sneakers or heels depending on what style you’re going for, casual or dressed up. I got mine from mainly, New Look and Dorothy Perkins. Personally black joggers are my ride or die because they are so comfortable to wear especially when I don’t want to wear denim jeans.



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