Hiya all, hope you’re all having a great day.

Today’s post is one that I have been most excited about uploading and probably the longest, which is a review on my recent purchase at SheIn.

Disclaimer: Everything I share with you is my personal opinion and experience, this post is not sponsored at all by SheIn.

SheIn as well as Romwe (which is basically the same site so I’m guessing it’s their partner site) are an online clothing site providing cute clothing at affordable prices and I say that strongly because majority of the items are on sale but I think that’s just a marketing technique to get your attention because it’s always on sale from the 7 months I’ve been looking at it and debating whether to order because there are many reviews on this website both on the website itself and YouTube which is a 50/50 negative positive feedback.


  • Many people say it’s from Asia (I’ve heard china specifically), which means sizing is a major issue when purchasing – a lot people complained the sizes are really small to regular sizes
  • The fact it’s from Asia, shipping is expensive and extremely long (many people say an estimate from 2 weeks to a month although it does depend on what shipping you chose at checkout as well as your location for it to travel)
  • Extremely cheap prices and not the best quality
  • There have been some reviews that the product is completely wrong from what the picture shows
  • Returns – you don’t actually get your money back but in the form of credit that can be used in your next purchase plus you have to pay for the return.
  • Tracking was not portrayed well


On saying all that I still decided to give the website a shot as there were a lot of promising reviews, so I made an order on the 18th of February consisting of 8 items, 6 t shirts and 2 sweaters. The total cost came to $69.99, which is £57.06. I didn’t have to pay for standard shipping because it was above the required amount for free shipping and I had a discount code off one of the items because it wasn’t on sale compared to majority of the items on the website so don’t be fooled that the codes will work on sale items unless stated. I did also pay for shipping insurance just to be on the safe side if shipping issues did occur, which was £0.81.


Once I placed my order I got an email from SheIn saying that my order has been received and now will be processed, which could take 1-10 working days, so I was expecting a long wait however I got a confirmation email the next day saying that my order has been processed and shipped, which was surprising as some reviews had said it take a while but during my time researching the website I figured out items labelled as L – priority shipping would be shipped as soon as possible and given that all my items had that priority label I’m guessing that’s why my processing was very quick. The tracking and shipment was provided with GLS delivery and I have to say the tracking was amazing I had day to day updates on my order from processing shipment to when it arrived in Belgium to the UK so definitely in terms of tracking your order I had no issues with. The delivery too was super quick I received my full order nicely packaged in a week on the 27th of February. In terms of the products I was extremely pleased the t shirts were surprisingly amazing quality for the price, there was only one t shirt that was made out of a rough material but nothing terrible and the sweaters aren’t thick sweaters but again still decent enough to wear and looked amazing. The sizes I brought were all L or one size and they were either a perfect fit or just a bit loose so I could’ve gotten M but I like my clothes to be a bit loose just my preference. The Camouflage High-Low Pocket T-shirt and Olive Green Camo Print High Low Crop T-shirt was the only ones that are very big on me but still can be styled.


Everything that I was worried about and stopped me from ordering before on shein was completely went out the window, instead I had a great experience in ordering with SheIn. It could be that I was lucky but I guess time will tell when I next order but definitely after this purchase I would recommend SheIn to anyone because they have great clothes for great prices.


My top tips when ordering from SheIn:

  • Always aim for products labelled as priority shipping (it would be labelled L)
  • Look at reviews for sizing all my items were brought size L or one size (I’m UK SIZE 8)
  • Careful when purchasing dresses, blouses and jumpsuits specifically as many issues from negative reviews were on those clothing items
  • Something basic if the price is extremely cheap and too good to be true (especially for a dress) then most likely it isn’t going to be what you may think it will be
  • Try to avoid clothes that are shown on the model as there may be issues with what you receive to the picture on the model unless reviews are good or you’re willing to take a chance.


(Prices have changed to some compared to what I brought them for)

Contrast Crew Neck Grey T-shirt

Olive Green Camo Print High Low Crop T-shirt

White Pineapple Print Short Sleeve T-shirt

Letter Butterfly Print Crop T-shirt White


Black White Contrast Smile Print Sweatshirt

Navy Letter Print Striped Trim Sweatshirt

Camouflage High Low Pocket T-shirt



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