Welcome back to another post, my review of Maybelline’s 24K nudes palette.

When I first saw the new Maybelline 24k nude palette, I knew I had to get it because of the range of colours and the variety this palette gives to create many different looks. This palette is priced at £9.99, including shades such as purple, bronze, brown, and khaki. The reason why I chose this palette is because it’s not just your basic nude colours but don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my neutral shades and I have way too many neutral shades for my own good but the more the merrier I say. For me I’d say the palette is split nicely into two with the top row being the lighter neutral colours and the bottom row is a mixture of dark and light shades that can create a dark smoky eye.


Maybelline did not really change the style of the 24k Nudes palette since it’s the same as the others in the collection, just the outer is different. On the back there are suggestions for combining shades into quads, trios and duos, which I like if I’m struggling with what look I want to create or combos to do.  The ingredient list is also included as usual and inside, there’s no mirror like the rest and it comes with a double-ended applicator, a sponge and brush.


Shade selections:

Inside, there are twelve shades in a mix of deeper jewel tones and some lighter highlight shades in matte, shimmer, and satin finishes. I’d say some shades are more pigmented than the others obviously since I have a tan/olive complexion the light shades aren’t always pigmented but with a fixing spray the metallic shades would definitely become more vibrant. The only issue that I guess I find with the palette is the lack of a transition shade, the shades are either really deep dark shades or really light shades but no middle shades are included.



So one thing I expect from a new eye shadow palette or any makeup product is that it improved from the previous product in its line and I’d definitely agree that it’s definitely better than the previous nude palette. All shades have a buttery texture and I had no issue with any shades being too dry or hard to pick up. However the formulas do vary from shade to shade since some shades had more fall out than others (the gold for example didn’t have much fall out compared to some darker shades.

My overall opinion:

I’m pretty content with the palette given its pricing. The pigmentation is an improvement and if you use a primer underneath it would definitely pigment it a lot more. I love the selection of colours they chose for this palette and I think a lot of people will be happy with it and I know I definitely will get a lot of use out of the neutral colours and for the darker shades it will definitely help when creating a look for my Asian attire.

Link to Palette:

(offer buy 1 and get 2nd 1/2 price on selected Maybelline)

Buy Maybelline 24 Karat Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Have you purchased the palette too? What do you think of the 24K Nudes palette? If you haven’t brought it, do you think you’ll buy it? Let me know in the comments below!



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