I’m back! Yes it has been a long time since I posted but it has been so busy in my life that I just couldn’t find time for blogging. On saying that, hopefully that will change from today as I have 3 blog posts coming up, starting with today’s post a Primark Haul!

Now everything I share with you today may no longer be on offer for the price I brought it or may not be available to all Primark stores.

Maybe I got this because I’m a huge k pop fan and I have seen so many groups rocking the bandanna look so especially BTS in their recent comeback, Not Today. So in all I guess that was the main reason why I have officially become obsessed with bandannas. I got the bandanna for £2.50.



This pink and white stripe top definitely caught my eye when I brought it because in my head I immediately pictured it to be the ideal top to wear with high waisted jeans or mom jeans. It definitely gave me summer vibes and hopefully the weather will get better here in the UK so I can wear it a lot. The material is very soft and it is easy to wear since I have worn it once already. I also had no issues like similar tops I have brought in the past. I brought a size 8 and it fits perfectly and it cost me £6.



I don’t know what it is but the next two clothing items is just an essential in my wardrobe now. I have to confess I am in love with jumpsuits again, which is why I ended up getting two different jumpsuits. The first one is a black cotton jumpsuit that is so comfortable to wear like honestly it has become my favourite piece of clothes to wear currently. I like it because I can lounge around in it and look like I put effort in especially for those I can’t be bothered college days. But what’s even better is I can pair it with a blazer and heels or boots to create a formal look so it is definitely a versatile jumpsuit to wear unlike the other one I brought. I brought the black jumpsuit for £8 and there was another version of it in grey, which I might buy because I love it so much.

The grey jumpsuit I brought was something that I have been eyeing up for a month now so it was just about time till I purchased it. I love it so much because of the design and the cut locks style bottoms. It’s definitely different from all my other jumpsuit since they are basic jumpsuits that can be dressed down or up but this one it’s a statement that doesn’t require much dressing. I haven’t yet worn it but definitely am planning on wearing to a formal event coming up. The jumpsuit cost me £5 which was surprising when it was labelled as £13 so that was a bonus.


Another top that I had saw and I just wanted it, is the grey Santa Monica long sleeve top. I just loved the text design and it is something that I can wear in the summer with a pair of high waisted jeans as well as a bomber jacket. It definitely was a top I had in mind for a typical urban street look and cannot wait to wear it. I don’t know what it is but I just love retro American text style tops I always end up buying at least one every time I go out shopping.



There’s something about Primark shoe game recently, which has been so good I have seen many dupes of high end brands from their collection including this loafer that I brought for £8, which is similar style to Gucci’s. I’m telling you know if you go to Primark you have to go and get this because I wouldn’t expect it to be from Primark. A lot of shops are selling theses style gold bar loafers since it’s in trend and I just love how classy the shoes look and how surprisingly comfortable they are to wear.


The final thing I purchased which I have been wearing nonstop is this stripe kimono style jacket. Every time I wear it I get asked where I got it from because it is so nice. In fact I went and brought one for my sister since she also loved it. I brought it in a size 8 but I have to say it is on the larger size so I’d suggest you try the size down too because it is quite big. The jacket was originally £20 but I purchased it for £7, amazing right!

That’s all for today, watch out for my next post on Monday which will be a review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit.



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