Anastasia Beverly Hills: ‘ULTIMATE GLOW’ KIT

Ok, I know I said I would upload this yesterday but I had  my friends birthday party yesterday so by the time I got home, I just didn’t have time to post this but hey, better late than never! So I hope you enjoy reading my review on the ABH Ultimate Glow!

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand known for their eyebrow products, but recently they have gotten a lot of hype for their beautiful “Glow Kits.” These sets feature 4 highlight shades that are guaranteed to give your lit-from-within shine. The ultimate glow palette is a new addition to the ABH family consisting of 6 shades, an extra 2 from their typical previous highlight palettes. In my opinion from first glance the shades definitely will suit a medium/olive to dark skin tone.

abh1There are six powder highlighters in total: Golden Dawn (warm amber with gold reflect), Hot Sand (warm bronze with amber lustre), White Sand (warm beige with gold reflect), Sunray (warm copper with a peach gold lustre), Snow (pure icy white with platinum reflect), and Amber Gold (warm rose with a gold lustre).

abhOverall, the shadows look so pigmented in all the swatch photos as if it was an eyeshadow swatch. They also seem to have a fair amount of glitter to them, which personally I don’t usually like but for me it didn’t seem too much like a glitter ball.  Although that’s just my personal opinion as there are other reviews online who disagree. This palette will definitely make you glow without looking cakey but I would say use a light hand and build up. I do think it is a nice palette. I don’t really like how a lot of the darker colours are so similar (i.e. Sunray, Amber Gold and Hot Sand) but they will appear differently on differing skin tones so that is something to bear in mind. I think if you have quite tan/olive skin a lot of the shades will look very similar on the skin so swatch in store if you can before you purchase. I do like this palette but I do think there are better highlighter/kits out there because they are quite glittery highlighters. However, if you want super pigmented highlighters then you will love this palette!

Thank you so much for reading; I hope you enjoyed this look at The Ultimate Glow Kit. Please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and leave me a lovely comment down below about what you think of the palette or if you have a favourite highlighter that you think I should try!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow



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